Nuffield Health Wellbeing Pilot




The School Wellbeing project was initiated following the 2020health report published in October 2014 that made a compelling case for a dedicated wellbeing role within secondary schools. The School Wellbeing pilot with Nuffield Health is a 2 year project that will test this hypothesis, running from June 2015 to July 2017.


Working with the Work Foundation (University of Lancaster) over 1000 applications were downloaded by schools and a shortlist of 10 schools were telephone interviewed. From here 3 schools were visited. Wood Green received a majority vote from the joint Nuffield Health and Work Foundation research group.

Terry Austin, a Lead Physiologist with Nuffield Health, was appointed as Wood Green School’s Head of Wellbeing in January 2016 and brings with him an experienced background in clinical wellbeing and behaviour change. He will work closely with the head teacher Mr.Shadbolt and relevant members of staff within the school, with a view to developing more of a Wellbeing ethos within the school culture and have Wellbeing at the core of the new School values.

Key objectives of the project

The primary objective is to validate the 2020health theory that a dedicated wellbeing resource impacts the health and wellbeing of pupils, teachers and parents (community). Interventions led by the Head of Wellbeing, based on initial surveys carried out in September 2015, will specifically look to target measurable improvements in the following areas:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Physical Activity
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Drugs and Alcohol

Current status Y1

The school has come to the end of its first year all initial surveys have been analysed to provide year 2 research direction

A 45 minute Junior Health Assessment has been piloted to be launched in September 2016

38 staff members have completed a Physiologist led Lifestyle health assessment looking at managing their own wellbeing

The Head of School Wellbeing has launched numerous initiatives including:

  • Wellbeing Tutorials & Assemblies
  • Targeted Wellbeing Days for different year groups


  •  A shift in the restaurant offering and culture
  • A Smoothie Bar & ‘Breakfast for Brains’ campaign


  • Hydration awareness
  • A weekly ‘Wellbeing of the Week’ (WOW) tip or action for all staff
  • Setting up of a Parents’ Forum for Wellbeing
  • Resilience sessions for targeted year groups around exam time
  • Wellbeing clinics at lunchtime for staff
  • Mindfulness training for staff

Proposed Interventions in 2016-2017 (Y2)

Having raised awareness of various wellbeing topics and observed any necessary areas of focus within the school, projected plans for the academic year 2016-2017 include the following:

Launching the Junior Health MOT

​Using an evidenced based approach, Year 8 and Year 9 pupils will have the opportunity to have a mini health assessment with a trained physiologist, addressing any key areas for behaviour change such as sleep, physical activity, nutrition and emotional well-being

Commencing the Penn Resilience programme

The Head of Wellbeing will have dedicated lesson time to deliver an 18 session skills based programme to improve emotional intelligence, enabling students to be more aware of their emotions and achieve positive outcomes in the face of adversity

Development of the School fitness suite

Extension of fitness area to provide more opportunity for staff and sixth form to exercise including 14 new pieces of cardio and resistance kit

Mental Health First Aid training for staff

Key staff have been trained on Mental Health first aid to deliver awareness sessions to all students and staff

Continued Refresh of the Restaurant

Reducing sugars consumed at school, increase fruit and vegetable consumption, increase availability of balanced meals including more protein and nutrients, and ensuring compliance with Healthy School Food Plan

Wellbeing Tutorials & Assemblies

Dedicated timetable allocation will be given to focus on key educational messages empowering students to take more care of their own wellbeing