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results of parent survey november 2016

We are collecting parents’ views ourselves this year rather than through the Ofsted ParentView site so that we can ask a wider range of questions and get comments from parents and carers. Thank you to the 104 people who responded to our recent Parent Survey. This feedback has been very useful in monitoring our progress. Several of you took the chance to make comments, which have provided useful specific information. A few parents talked about personal issues which we cannot follow up as they were given anonymously. Please do contact me or your child’s tutor if this was you.

Summary of Feedback

I am delighted to say that we improved in 8 out of the 11 areas compared with last year and remained the same in 3 areas. In no area had we gone backwards. In particular, your feedback shows improvement overall in the quality of teaching, the progress you feel your child is making, the feedback you receive and the quality of leadership.

You have said that most children feel safe at school, are well-taught and are making good progress. This is very pleasing.

The areas which emerged as your priorities for further improvement were:

You said:

We will:

Can we address any poor behaviour and bullying more quickly

We will improve our Behaviour Policy to ensure that there is a fully consistent approach in every classroom and outside. We will communicate this to parents in the next few weeks and have assemblies and tutorials to explain this to students. We have also had Anti-Bullying assemblies recently which sent a clear message to students. As well as demonstrating that we deal with any behaviour that does not match our Respect value, we also have more ways to ensure that students can come forward with any concerns. Our first ever team of Peer Mentors is in place, led by school counsellor Rachel Birks, who will be available for students as well as our pastoral Support Workers. 

The quantity of homework is not right

(mostly too much but some said too little) We will review this. Please contact your child’s tutor if you have specific concerns.

There is not enough extra-curricular sport

We will review this

Keep the website up-to-date

We are aiming to update key areas faster now

One question was about the early finish on a Wednesday – this was introduced at Henry Box and Wood Green twenty years ago to save money and the current budget cuts make it hard to reinstate the normal Wednesday finish. In fact many more schools across the country are considering doing the same, until our schools are better funded.

There were some very positive comments about the school which were appreciated. Most pleasing was the increase in how many of you would recommend Wood Green School to another parent, which has gone from 82% in 2013/14 to 92% this year. Our aim is to continue to make Wood Green a place for happy and successful students and staff, with happy parents. Your support is very important to us.

Thank you again for responding. We will repeat this later in the year, when year 7 parents have had more experience of our school.

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