Pta fire walk family event

Wood Green School PTA warmly invite you to join us for a Firewalk Fundraising Extravaganza.

Friday 4th October from 18.30hrs at Wood Green School.

If you don't want to take part in the firewalk, that's OK, but please join us for the barbecue, bar, music and to cheer along 'the walkers'. If you can sponsor a fire walker, please do!

If you would like to register to be a fire walker then please read on to find out more about firewalking!

We hope it will be a fantastic evening when we can raise lots of money for the Wood Green School 50K Challenge.


Firewalk 1

Why would I dare to do a firewalk?

Conquer your fears! Overcome your limitations! Achieve the impossible! Show off to your friends! Raise money for Wood Green School! Have fun! There are many reasons for doing a firewalk but the motivational training and the experience itself can be of real benefit in future situations.

Is it real fire?

Yes! It burns at an average temperature of 669°C/1236°F – hot enough to melt aluminium! However, any flames remaining will be to the sides and you simply walk quickly over a 6m bed of embers.

Surely it must be dangerous?

No, the training and firewalk is run by Blaze ( who are firewalking experts with experience of over 2500 events since 1984 and knowledge gained from martial arts masters. Firewalking safely does not need magic or hypnosis – it is based on sound scientific principles.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s experience varies but there are physical reasons why can firewalk without being hurt. Some people don’t recall any sensation, some say it was cold, some say warm, even fluffy!

Can anybody do it?

Anybody in Wood Green School Sixth Form or over 17 years old can take part. If you are pregnant but otherwise physically well then you should be able to firewalk. Blaze are as inclusive of people with medical conditions as possible and with notice they can adapt the firewalk accordingly.

Can I bring friends and family to watch?

Of course! The firewalk is a social evening in support of Wood Green School, so please do encourage all your friends and family to sponsor you and to come and cheer everyone on, or to sign up for the firewalk as well!

You’ve persuaded me! Where do I sign up?

Fantastic! Registration and payment is through ParentPay. The fee covers the cost of the event and the experience is well worth it! We need you to raise as much sponsorship money as possible. Sponsorship forms will also be on the school website and money goes toward the PTA’s £50k Challenge.

Or you can reserve a place through PayPal. Please click below. Once you have registered we will send you a confirmation email. If you are in the Sixth Form you will need to complete a consent form. Participant age is Sixth Form and above!

Fire walk registration

What happens on the night?

Once everyone is ready, you must undergo a training session from a highly qualified Blaze instructor. The training is based around proven motivational and psychological methods. It’s worth doing on its own - the firewalk is a bonus and great fun!

Fire Walk Sponsorship Form

If you have any questions please email