Our Values, Mission and Vision

Our Values

Our ‘LEARN Well’ values, developed by students, staff, parents and governors, show what we value in our school. They underpin everything we do.

LEARN Well stands for:

  • Learning – we value learning because it is the key to developing ourselves
  • Effort – we value putting our best effort into all that we do
  • Aspiration – we value aspiration as we want everyone to aim high and be their best
  • Respect - we value respect, treating everyone as equal and celebrating diversity
  • Nurture - we value caring for each other; we aim to provide excellent care and support and expect everyone to care for each other and their environment
  • Wellbeing - we value learning to take care of ourselves physically and mentally, to be better learners and stronger people

Our Mission

“Our mission is to develop exceptional, well-qualified and well-rounded young people who make a positive contribution to our school, our community and the world.”

Our Vision Statements

We set out our vision of a Wood Green student in our vision statements:

Wood Green students:

I. Are inquisitive, independent and creative thinkers who communicate powerfully, respond well to feedback and who work well by themselves and with others 

II. Believe they can improve, are proud to try hard and to be successful and are not scared to fail 

III. Have integrity and honesty and take responsibility for themselves 

IV. Manage themselves well and develop good relationships with all students and staff 

V. Take care of others, their community and their environment and respect all others 

VI. Know how to keep themselves healthy and safe 

VII. Achieve highly and leave prepared for their next exciting challenge

Our Values Image

Updated: November 2021