Our Values

Our ‘LEARN Well’ values capture what we think are the most important aspects of an excellent education. Everything we do at Wood Green School contributes to developing these values in everyone. LEARN Well stands for:

  • Learning – Learning comes first at Wood Green School. This is the heart of what school is for, and we provide excellent opportunities both in and out of the classroom
  • Effort – we want every student to be their best, not the best. By celebrating effort, students learn resilience and develop a growth mindset
  • Aspiration - we have high aspirations for all our students and believe that everyone can succeed
  • Respect - we expect everyone to be polite and considerate, to treat everyone as equal and to celebrate diversity
  • Nurture - we provide excellent care and support and expect everyone to care for each other and their environment
  • Wellbeing - we believe that learning to take care of yourself physically and mentally makes you more successful at school and a stronger person