Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment is a Wood Green School programme which seeks to lay a firm foundation for the skills underpinning all academic subjects in school. Year 7 students have one lesson each week of Academic Enrichment. Those who benefit from additional literacy skill support in Fresh Start will take a similar, differentiated programme in year 8.

Four skill areas are covered on a cycle across the year:

Deeper Thinking:

Students learn to ask richer, deeper questions about a visual prompt. For example, a picture of a person using a phone can lead us to discuss generational attitudes, relationships, the power of communication or perhaps materialism. They then practice over a number of weeks across the year the skill of discussion and debate, of making points clearly, building on each others’ ideas and challenging each other. Active listening and thoughtful response is a skill developed here.

Reliable Research:

Students learn effective ways to use books and the internet to conduct effective research. In addition, we explore the concept of fake news, how to tell whether sources can be trusted and how to fact-check suspicious stories.

Formal presentations:

In groups and then eventually on their own, students learn the skill of public speaking. They research discursive topics and structure an argument to deliver to the class. There is the opportunity to enter local and national public speaking competitions for those who discover they have a passion and talent in this area.

Writing academic essays:

The common skills across all subjects of structuring a formal piece of writing and expressing ideas in a well-researched, well-written style are taught in term 2.