Year 11 Work Experience

Work Experience


Work experience is an excellent way to improve your confidence and skills, by letting you explore a range of different careers and see you you enjoy them. It also helps your CV!

Students over the age of 14 can do work experience. Students under 16 need permission from a parent or guardian. All Year 11s will have work experience in the Autumn, and Year 12s will have work experience in the Summer.

The first link below entitled Work Experience Introduction Letter, outlines the timetable of events that take place leading up to when students go out into the world of employment.  This new section provides you with access to template documents that are required before a student can be accepted for Work Experience.

Please also take time to read the Generic Information for Employers as this document provides key information for parents. We will keep parents updated regularly between now and October as your support in finding the correct employer is paramount.

If a student has an employer in mind who they would like to work with, they will need to print off the Student Own Placement form and complete it as soon as possible.  Please then take this form to the Careers Administrator. These placements may need to be visited by the Oxford County Council Work Experience Team for Health and Safety approval.[1] 



Parent / Carers - Introductory Letter

Student Application Form - Professional Pathway

Student Application Form - Academic Pathway

Student Own Placement - Professional Pathway

Student Own Placement - Academic Pathway

If you have any problems accessing these documents, please contact the School Office.