Year 9 Options

Course Options and Information Guide 2022/24

For information and guidance in choosing your option subjects click here to access the guide   

Taster Lessons

Students will have the opportunity to sample GCSE lessons in all subjects to support them in making the correct choice.  For those subjects not currently on the timetable we will run sessions during the week, which students will need to sign up for. Taster lessons are planned for February 2022 in the two weeks before half-term.

Parents' Information Exchange Evening - 2nd February 2022

Please click here for the Options Evening Presentation Feb 2022

Please click here for the FAQ from the virtual options evening presentation

To watch the presentation from 2021 please click here

Introduction videos 

Art, Health & Social Care, PE and RE

Business, Drama, DT and Music

Core Subjects; English, Mathematics, Science and Personal Development

Geography, History and MFL

Parents' Evening; 17th February 2022

An opportunity to discuss the progress of your child with their subject teachers.

Options Forms

A link to the option form will be sent to your email address.

Any questions regarding the option process please do contact Mr Askew at

updated February 2022