Latest Ofsted Report

Our school was last inspected in June 2015. The school was judged to be ‘Good’ in all areas.

Some of the many positives recognised by the inspectors were:

  • The quality of teaching is good.
  • Strong personal relationships between teachers and students contribute to students’ learning.
  • Teachers’ effective marking and feedback help raise students’ achievement.
  • Teachers make good use of information on students’ progress towards challenging end-of-year targets when they plan lessons.
  • Students’ social, spiritual, moral and cultural development is promoted effectively across the school and strongly contributes to the school’s caring ethos.
  • Students behave well.
  • Sixth formers make a positive contribution through whole-school leadership positions and by acting as role models for younger students.
  • Leaders make very effective use of information on students’ progress to identify where strengths and weaknesses lie.

The inspectors identified two areas to make our school ‘outstanding’:

  • Students, including the more able and those in the sixth form, are not always provided with challenging enough work. Consequently, they sometimes do not make the rapid progress of which they are capable.
  • Some teachers do not build well enough on students’ previous learning, including that gained at primary school.

To address these, we have:

  • Rewritten our KS3 Curriculum to include more challenging content
  • Implemented the new GCSEs and increased contact time for option subjects to allow more depth of investigation and understanding
  • Introduced our new Teaching and Learning Policy, that has Challenge and Deeper Understanding at its heart
  • Improved the sharing of student information so that teachers can build on previous learning
  • Monitor regularly that this information is being used to plan lessons

To read our full Ofsted report please click here.