Best ever A Level Results!

A Level students achieve best ever results at Wood Green School











I am delighted to announce that this year’s A Level results are the best we have ever achieved in terms of the headline measure of percentage of A* to B grades. This year, 61% of grades achieved by Wood Green students were at A* to B, compared with 42% last year. You will know the hard work that has gone into school improvement over the last two years and I am delighted that this has resulted in such a significant leap forward. Our minimum target we had set ourselves was 54%, so to have exceeded this is fantastic.

What is more special is that these headlines represent the efforts of so many excellent students who now have the choice to go on to further study or employment. Highest attaining students were:

Imogen Burgoyne attained 3 A*

In total, 9 other students out of 75 attained 3 or more A grades: 

Jack Bahou, Grace Braithwaite, Rachel Cross, Carenza Glithero, Sam Haselgrove (A*A*A), Sean Hubbert, Jesse Lawrence, Ryden Stackhouse, Sophie Willcox.


AS Grades

AS outcomes were strong and in line with school targets. The highest attaining students at AS were:

Nina Mulvey - 5 grade As

Will Guerin-Ciccone - A* at Maths A Level and AA at Further Maths

Marina Mirea, Will Smith,  Emily Browne, Amy Beecham - 4 As

Heidi Phelan, Steph Phillips, Ruth Blakey - 3 As


Mr Rob Shadbolt