Bugsy Malone is a BIG HIT!

More than 80 students aged 11-18 starred in Wood Green School’s spectacular production of Bugsy Malone, as sell-out audiences were transported back to the 1920s for the tale of gangland warfare and nightclub bust-ups.

Pictured above: The cast of Bugsy Malone 2018

Pupils have been rehearsing the show since September and the huge cast was supported by a very large behind the scenes crew of over 40 students and staff. As well as providing technical support and live music, all the wonderful choreography for the action packed show was created and led by three Wood Green 6th form students, Olivia Thomas, Camryn Cuthill and Becky Roberts.

Pictured above: Dan Mann (Bugsy) Centre, Night Club singers (right) – Emily Fox, Elsie Wilks & Abi Firmin with supporting cast. 

Pictured above, Left to right: Edd Conroy (Fat Sam) and Abbie Togstead (Tallulah).

Newly appointed Head of Drama, Anita Ward said, “We are immensely proud of all of the cast and crew. All their hard work and dedication has finally paid off. It has been wonderful watching all the different year groups mixing together over the last few months to produce this action packed, fast paced show”.


Pictured above: Maisy Brocklebank (Fizzy)

Pictured above: Serena Cannons, Amy Howard & Alysha-Paris Godfrey (Show Girl Dancers)

Pictured above: Abbie Togstead (Talllulah)

Pictured above: Stephen Howard (Shoulders), Max Edwards (Bronx Charlie), Marc Wilkinson (Benny Lee), Joe Partridge (Dandy Dan) & Calum Bowyer (Yankers)

The leading roles in the show were taken by Daniel Mann, Kitty Taylor, Edd Conroy, Joseph Partridge, Abbie Togstead and Maisy Brocklebank, although many may say that the splurge guns that covered most of the cast and some of the audience were the real stars of the show!

Pictured above: Alfie McIntyre (Knuckles)                          

Picured above: Back row. Martha Langley, Front row left to right. Megan Brien and Elsie Wilks

Witney Town Mayor, Cllr Woodward tweeted “Absolutely superb performance of #Bugsy Malone and @wgsWitney tonight. Singing, dancing and technical excellence all in one. So very proud of you all. I even managed to get Mr Shadbolt to join me for a go with the splurge guns. Amazing, Amazing fun! Thanks so much! #proud #Witney”

Pictured above: Mr Shadbolt and Cllr Woodward.