Charlie Walker, adventurer, writer and speaker inspires our year 10 students.

On Thursday 7th June 2018, we were privileged to welcome explorer and adventurer Charlie Walker to Wood Green to speak to an audiance of Year 10 and Sixth Form students about his recent adventures cycling around the world.

Charlie is pictured above with some of our Year 12 students, from left to right Mary Collingridge, Charlie Walker, Gemma Hull and Becky Roberts. 

Charlie told the students how he wanted to be challenged and have new experiences, away from his quiet upbringing in the countryside of England. He set himself the ultimate challenge of cycling 5,200 miles from the UK to the furthest points of Europe, Asia and Africa, and then home again. The challenge was an ultimate test of resilience, motivation, and endurance.

While he missed the companionship and some of the comforts of home, he told the students how the experience was worth the price. He met some very friendly people, including a family in Tibet who saved his life when he had found himself lost in -40 degrees temperatures.

One of the major suprises arising from his trip was the realisation that no matter what the reputation of the country, the people were normally friendly and welcoming. For example, Afghanistan, which far from the image of war usually projected on our TV screens, was actually an incredible country, with beautiful landscapes, extremely hospitable and friendly people, and some of the oldest cities and buildings in the world!

He explained how he broke his journey down into smaller goals to make them more manageable. This gave him the motivation to keep going each day. He did not feel pressured to follow any set plan; he just kept his end goal in mind, even when days were really hard.

This is the second talk in a lecture series through which it is hoped students will inspire to set their own challenges, and inspire them to get out of their comfort zone.

Mr Humphreys, Head of Georgraphy