Important GCSE Maths Revision Help

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to share some very important documents that will support your son/daughter with their final preparation for their GCSE Mathematics Calculator examination this Monday.

As a school we are part of a network of schools nationally that have been looking at ways of improving GCSE results for our students.  One idea has been to write a 'predicted Calculator paper' following yesterday's non-Calculator paper.  Please find below the links to these papers alongside the relevant mark schemes.  I would strongly encourage you to support your son/daughter working through these papers over the weekend and using the mark scheme to identify any areas of weakness.  

I have also attached two Powerpoint presentations, one for Higher and one for Foundation, which have been written following yesterday's examination, which highlight potential topics for this Monday's exam.

Yours sincerely,

M.J. Addy

Head of Mathematics


Foundation Question PaperFoundation Mark Scheme | Revision PowerPoint Foundation

Higher Question PaperHigher Mark SchemeRevision PowerPoint Higher