Message for Parents/Carers regarding Flicker Spinning Tops

Over the last few weeks some students have brought flicker spinning tops into school, ostensibly to help them concentrate.

Unfortunately, this has had the opposite effect, with learning being interrupted by some students using these tops inappropriately.

Therefore, the spinning tops will not be permitted in school from Monday May 22nd. Students will be reminded throughout next week. We are giving a week's notice to ensure all students, parents and teachers are aware of the change.

From the 22nd May spinning tops will be confiscated and students disturbing lessons by using them will face consequences in line with the school behaviour policy.

We are aware of those students who, as part of their SEN Individual Learning Plan, may use a "fidget toy" to help them focus. They will be able to use them but must make sure learning is not disrupted.

Thank you for your support.

Mr Bonsell, Director of Learning Communities