Mobile Phone Policy - Message from Mr Bonsell

Dear Parents/Carers

Over the past year mobile phone use or rather ab-use has had the significant effect of disrupting learning in school, hampering the development of positive pupil-adult relations and causing inter-personal issues for some of our students who find themselves the targets of unsolicited, unpleasant messages on social media.

Rather than banning phones for the school day completely, we took the view that working with staff and students to talk about the issues, and work out a sensible response would help us to develop an environment in school in which mobile phones and good learning could live hand in hand.

Thanks to the combined thoughts of staff and students we now have a policy on mobile phones. This policy will be launched on July 17th 2017 . We have already briefed students about the new expectations and given them time to “practise” their new habits.

Broadly speaking, students may use their phones at break and lunchtime. This use should be responsible and not involve the harassment of others by social media. Any such behaviour will be treated very seriously.

Students may not use their phones at all during learning periods, including their travel between lessons. Students who use their phones or allow their phones to disrupt learning will have their phones confiscated. Repeat offenders will lose their phones for a longer period of time. Full details of this will be on the website when the policy is officially launched.

To help your children adhere to this policy we would ask that you do not contact them on mobile phones during the school day. Any messages should be relayed to them via the school office. The office staff can ensure any messages get to your children speedily.

Thank you very much 

Mr Bonsell