Shadowing the Carnegie Medal

This year there has been a group of 26 students from Years 7, 8 and 9 reading the books shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. This is awarded annually for the best children’s book published during the previous year. This year the shortlisted books were:

  • The Ghosts of Heaven / Marcus Sedgwick
  • The Lie Tree / Frances Hardinge
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here / Patrick Ness
  • Fire Colour One / Jenny Valentine
  • Lies we Tell Ourselves / Robin Talley
  • One / Sarah Crossan
  • There will be Lies / Nick Lake
  • Five Children on the Western Front / Kate Saunders

Our Shadowing has included associated activities such as collage and craftwork, learning about the problems of conjoined twins, sharing our experiences of lies (Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy featured here!), learning about civil rights in America, drama relating to Native American folk tales and a quiz on Victorian values.

This culminated in the Great British Book Off, our annual Carnegie Day event, when we welcomed guests from Bartholomew School. Groups tackled Signature Challenges on each book, a Technical Challenge (speaking about the books) and a Showstopper Challenge quiz. We all voted on our favourite book which turned out to be There Will Be Lies. However, the London Panel voted the Sarah Crossan book, One, as the winner of the medal for 2016. In addition, Amnesty International awarded a medal of honour for the best treatment of human rights. This was won by Lies We Tell Ourselves.

Joint winners of the Showstopper qUIZ

Shadowing Drama – Native American myths and legends