Uniform Message from Mr Bonsell.

Dear Parents/Carers

I am sure you will agree that the overwhelming majority of our young people look fantastically smart and ready for work in the new uniform.

The website will be updated shortly with details of the range of skirts and trousers available from local shops which conform to our uniform expectations. Again, the majority of our young people (thanks in no mean part to you) look very smart and professional for school. The main sticking points are around style of trouser, skirt and shoe. If I may summarise:

  • Trousers with any patch pocket or jeans-style rivet are not permitted

  • skirts should be smart and professional – stretch and jersey fabric is not permitted as it is neither smart nor professional-looking

  • shoes may not have labels and may not be canvas.

As far as the new uniform is concerned , ALL years with the exception of next year’s Year 11 will be wearing the new uniform in September. Details of permissible combinations of uniform for next year’s Year 11 are given on our website (click here for link)

We recognise that as the end of the school year approaches there is a tension between ensuring your child’s uniform is appropriate and also avoiding unnecessary financial outlay for items which may be too small come September. If this is an issue please contact school and we will agree a resolution which will work both for you and for our expectations. Please continue to give your child a note if there is an issue with uniform otherwise s/he may be detained.

Finally I would like to ask for donations of unwanted/unneeded old uniform. As well as stock of new Wood Green jumpers etc, we would like to build a stock of trousers and skirts and black jumpers which we can issue to students who do not have correct uniform at any one time and do not have a note from home. If you are able to help please send the unwanted items into the school office.

Thank you again for ensuring that our young people are so smartly and professionally turned out.

Mr M A Bonsell

Director of Learning Communities