WGS marks 21 years of Holocaust Talks with a Plaque

For the last 21 years Mr Steven Frank has come to Wood Green School, Witney to encourage the younger generation to learn from his experiences of the Theresinstadt concentration camp. 14,000 children lost their lives at the camp and only 93 survived. Steven and his two brothers were part of that 93 and he gives annual talks at our school in memory of those children.  

Last year Wood Green celebrated the vision and personal mission of Mr Frank by planting a very special tree at the front of school. It was grown from the seed of one he had looked after in Theresinstadt, when he was a prisoner there.  This year a special plaque was made and was placed beside the tree to ensure that, in future years, other students and visitors would be able to read about and understand the unique nature of this living memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.