Year 10 Enterprise Day

On Thursday 3 April all Year 10 students (160+) took part an Enterprise Program run by ‘Bright Futures’.

We thought Enterprise Day was great. There was a variety of different activities to do, everyone got involved, and there were chances to win prizes. It was also good because it taught us real life business skills and problems in a fun and exciting way. We were put into groups which encouraged good team building skills and taught us how to work with people.

Another thing we had to do was think creatively. We had to design and build a rollercoaster, and see whose marble ran the longest. We had limited materials which made building it more of a challenge. The winner set a new school record of 16.96 seconds!

Overall we think it was a good experience, as it was fun and helped us to think about the real-life scenarios that business has to deal with. 

By Sophie Bullock and Toni Rigsby 10SRT