Year 8 HeartStart Training - Wednesday 25th January 2017

On Wednesday 25th January, Year 8 students enjoyed their Health & Wellbeing Day and engaged in topics away from their usual timetable, including Mental Health, Risk Behaviours and HeartStart training.

The South Central Ambulance Service team, led by Dick Tracy, came to Wood Green to deliver the CPR training (which stands for Call, Push, Rescue) to continue their excellent work in training all our year groups in this important life skill.

This is part of a national campaign in association with the British Heart Foundation. Heartstart aims to reach out to thousands of secondary school pupils and turn our younger generation into a nation of lifesavers.

This also tied in well with a new acquisition for the school which was officially announced as part of the HeartStart training today. The Nuffield Health Manor Hospital in Oxford kindly funded a brand new AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for the school which is portable and can be used in an emergency. Staff will undergo training on its use.

The Nuffield Manor is keen to support the school in their health & wellbeing initiatives and saw this an important investment for the school as part of the partnership between Wood Green and Nuffield Health.