Uniform Standards

We are very grateful for the fantastic support we get from parents in ensuring that the vast majority of students turn up every day for school in the correct uniform. It is really important to us that we aim for the highest standards in everything we do, and ensuring that all students are following the uniform rules is one way to show our determination to do this. Following the uniform rules is also a way to ensure that no child can be singled out for not having designer footwear or clothing and parents aren't put under pressure by their children saying that other students can wear expensive clothing. It ensures that all students are seen as equal in our community.

Every now and then, we need to have a push on uniform standards to ensure that they remain high. This week, tutors have been checking whether students in their groups are in the correct uniform and have spoken to any student who is not. They have been told they must be in the correct uniform when we return after the holiday.They have been checking the following items of uniform:

Shoes – These must be plain black shoes. No branded sportswear shoes are allowed. This means no Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, Lonsdale etc, even if they are plain black. Canvas shoes are also not allowed. Please check with the acceptable style guide on the website below. Just because a shop may advertise some shoes as school shoes, it doesn't necessarily mean they fit our uniform standards.

Trousers – These must be plain, black trousers. There should not be any rivets on them as these are jeans. Jeggings or leggings are not allowed. Tracksuit bottoms are not allowed.

Jumpers – No hoodies are allowed. No sportswear jumpers are allowed. Students should just wear a shirt, tie, school jumper (if they wish to wear a jumper) and a jacket.

Tie – Every student must wear a tie.

Jewellery – No rings. No hoop earrings. No facial piercings.


We would appreciate you checking that your child's uniform meets the uniform rules over the holiday and making sure they have the correct uniform when they return on Monday the 25th of February. If students are not in correct uniform when we return, your child's tutor will contact you to discuss any issues and if they refuse to be in the correct uniform, this is likely to lead to detentions. In some cases, we may be able to offer financial support to families who need help in purchasing uniform. Please do get in touch if you would like some help.

We appreciate that students in year 11 are coming to the end of their school life, but we need to maintain high standards all the way through the year, so expect year 11 to also be in the correct uniform. They still have 4 months of school and will need to be in correct uniform for their exams.

Thank you very much for your on-going support and co-operation.

Mr Hart, Miss Francis, Mr Gosnell, Miss Groves and Mr Roberts.

Heads of Years 7-11