Winners of the Emily Buley Awards 2019 announced.

Such was the calibre of last year’s Year 13 that between the Sixth Form team and Mr Shadbolt, we really struggled to whittle down the students to just one winner. And so, for the first time in the last 8 years of this prize, we have decided to award this to two students.

The first winner of the Emily Buley prize was an asset to the school community over the 7 years she attended Wood Green. She has a wonderful warmth and confidence, and was always ready to help out at the drop of a hat. She had a wide and varied extra curricular life in school that included drama and theatre, membership of the jazz combo, swing band, choir, ballet, Duke of Edinburgh and membership of the Sixth Form student leadership team. Her energy and commitment to the school were infectious, and she is a true role model for all students, embodying our values to the letter. Her achievements are all the more admirable as she has had to work with health challenges which is a testament to her grit and determination that she overcame these setbacks. The first winner of the Emily Buley Award is Mary Collingridge.​

The second winner is also an extremely personable, hard-working student who has clearly always had the potential to be a future leader. She was an important member of the student leadership team, spearheading discussions, policies and events with maturity and confidence. She has shown a genuine love of learning throughout her time here, and, as a peer mentor in English GCSE lessons and with Year 7 students, has been a terrific role model for the rest of the school. As another integral member of the school choir, she has also revelled in the school’s extra curricular opportunities, and has led assemblies on identity politics with real aplomb. As another student with an incredibly purposeful and upbeat approach to life, she shone through throughout her time in Sixth Form. Academically, she always strived to achieve her best, working hard and using whatever resources were available. It is with great pleasure that we award the second Emily Buley prize to Lucy Busby.​

Winners 2019 (3)

Pictured above from left to right: Mr Armstrong (Head of Sixth Form), Lucy Busby, Mary Collingridge and Dr Rosie Harrison (Paediatrician, ex Wood Green School Student and our Guest Speaker)