All students must have the following equipment in school every day:

Essential items - this full set (excluding the Art Pack and calculator) can be purchased through the school Parent Pay system at a reduced cost of £3

Art Pack - can only be purchased through school

Black Pen

Green Pen

HB Pencil

Highlighter Pen


Pencil Sharpener

Ruler (15cm)

Glue Stick




Scientific Calculator ( Casio fx-83GTPLUS-SB recommended)

Desirable items but not essential

English Dictionary (OUP recommended)

French Dictionary (OUP recommended)

German Dictionary (OUP recommended)

Headphones for IT

Mini whiteboard and pen

Several of these items can be purchased directly through ParentPay or from the Resources Centre in school. The Resources Centre is open during the school day and also sells individual items of stationery. The School is able to purchase all items in bulk on your behalf making the cost very competitive with retail outlets. We have also been able to secure a 50% reduction on the cost of the dictionaries.


It is very likely that your child will lose some item during his/her time at school! It is important, therefore, to mark all property with your child’s name. If property is lost, a student’s first action should be to check with the main school office to see if it has been handed in. Please note, however, items are only kept for six weeks before being sent to charity. We are unable to compensate loss or damage through the school's insurance policy, although parents may find it is possible to claim under their own household insurance.

Updated November 2021