Examination Results


Wood Green exam success continues with another strong set of GCSE results 

Students at Wood Green School have achieved some excellent exam results again allowing them to take the next step in their life with confidence. The year group as a whole exceeded the targets set for them and there are many stories of truly outstanding achievement. 

2019 Headline measures and links to National Data

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GCSE Results 2019 (4)

Pictured above: Jake Clarke who achieved nine Grade 9s at GCSE. 

GCSE Results 2019 (7)

Pictured above: Maddie Good who achieved eight Grade 9s and one Grade 8 at GCSE. 

23 students achieved 6 or more grades 9-7. There are many other success stories and maintaining the consistently good set of GCSE results over a number of years now shows how dedicated our staff and students are in maintaining the high standards we expect at Wood Green School. We are particularly pleased that we can maintain our high academic standards whilst also providing a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for all of our students. We are committed to making sure that we help develop young people who can make a positive contribution to our community. 

GCSE Results 2019 (8)

Pictured above: Hana Fetigan who achieved five Grade 9s and three Grade 8s at GCSE.

Ella Shadbolt

Pictured above: Ella Shadbolt with her Mum and Dad, Rob Shadbolt, Headteacher. Ella achieved eight Grade 9s and two Grade 8s at GCSE. 

Deputy Headteacher, Ian Goddard, said, ‘These are a particularly pleasing set of results for this year group. Although the headlines are a wee bit lower than last year, in terms of student progress, the results are just as good, if not better than last year. We are particularly pleased with the number of students who got grades 5 or above in both English and Maths, as this was well above our target. In fact, our initial analysis suggests that student progress in both Maths and English has been outstanding. 

These tougher exams are difficult and we are delighted with the way Wood Green students have responded. Staff work hard here to ensure that lessons have sufficient challenge to allow students to succeed in these tough exams and these results again show that we have a great team of committed and skilled teachers.’ 

Overall, our validated headline figures are:


Percentage of students achieving English and Maths at Grade 4 or above


Percentage of students achieving English and Maths at Grade 5 or above


Percentage of students achieving Maths at Grade 4 or above


Percentage of students achieving English at Grade 4 or above


Attainment 8

Progress 8

Ebacc average points score




Percentage of cohort achieving the EBacc



A Level Success

We are very pleased to report a great set of results for Wood Green students, especially at the highest grades with over 1 in 4 grades being an A* or A. In fact, 27% of all grades were grade A or better. This has been a focus for us this year so we are delighted that the hard work of students and teachers has paid off. We are also thrilled that 80% of all grades were at grade C and above, and that we maintained our 99% pass rate of 2018. In an era of more challenging courses, these are truly excellent outcomes.

Ben and Katy Keedwell

Pictured above (Left to right): Twins Ben Keedwell and Katy Keedwell who both got into their first choice universities of Warwick and Brighton & Sussex respectively.

Overall, our headline grades were:

Number of students entered


% of grades at A*-A


% of grades at A*-B


% of grades at A*-C


% of grades at A*-E


Mary and MBA 

Pictured above Mary Collingridge with Mr Armstrong, Head of Sixth Form

We are most pleased that almost every student has already secured a great course at University of an Apprenticeship for next year. Over 80% of university applicants have got into their first choice and overall 99% of students have secured place. It is wonderful to see the variety of courses and apprenticeships they have been successful in achieving places on and we are very proud of them.

Angus Hayward

Pictured above: Angus Hayward celebrating his results of 3 x A*s. Angus is going to be studying International Relations at Exeter. 

Jess and Olivia

Pictured above (Left to right) : Jess Shown who is going to study Medicine at Birmingham with Olivia Thomas who is going to study acting at Italia Cont, London. 

More than just A Levels

In addition, we are thrilled with the success of outcomes in the Extended Project Qualification, a qualification offered to all students at Wood Green. The EPQ requires students to research a topic of their choice in depth, write a dissertation and give a public presentation. More schools now offer this as an optional activity but at Wood Green School we require all of our Sixth Form students to complete the EPQ, to make them better rounded learners. It is an excellent preparation for university and beyond. This year, 44% of students have achieved an A* or A in EPQ, with 95% achieving a grade C or above. Topics researched have included “Are the laws on resuscitation fit for purpose”, “The impact of aerobic exercise on long-term memory” and “A comparison of English and German War Poetry”. Other students chose to create artefacts as part of their projects, including one student who studied set design and created the set for the school production, Beauty and the Beast.

The EPQ is one important part of our commitment to developing all round academic excellence and we are delighted that the quality of students’ work has been recognised.

Great partnership with Abingdon and Witney College

This year also saw the first cohort of students who were able to study simultaneously at Wood Green School and Abingdon and Witney College. As well as taking two A Level at school, students were able to pursue vocational courses at college such as Photography and Applied Science. This joint venture enabled more students to blend a combination of academic and vocational subjects, which is the fastest growing route to university and the world of work and was only made available to students in Witney for the first time for this year group.

Natasha and Asha

pictured above (left to right) Natasha Firmin and Asha Pantaleo are celebrating their fantastic results in both Sixth Form and College Courses. Natasha is going travelling soon and Asha is going to America to be an Au Pair.